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I would like to give a gift above & beyond my tuition to help support the Saint John the Baptist Greek Orthodox Church – Anaheim Dance Ministry and/or earmark this donation to financially assist another dancer in need.
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Emergency Authorization: I/We the undersigned dancer(s)/parent(s)/legal guardian(s) of the registered dancer(s), do hereby authorize the dance directors, parent representative(s) or parents of the group acting in the capacity or activity of supervisor/vehicle driver, as agents for the undersigned to consent to medical, surgical, or dental examination, treatment, etc. in case of emergency. I/We hereby authorize treatment and/or care of the registered dancer(s) at any hospital. If there is an emergency and I/We cannot be reached, please contact the emergency contact person stated above who is hereby authorized to act on the dancer’s behalf. By typing your name below, you are giving Legal Authorization for emergency care acknowledgement of disclaimer.
Step 1

This form is the 1st step of the registration process. After clicking the “I Agree” button in red you will automatically be redirected to Step 2 for Payment Details.

Step 2

The second Step in the Registration Process is completing Payment Details. Payment can be made via Cash/Check Visa, MasterCard or AMEX.

Step 3

The 3rd and Final Step to completing your Registration is to complete the pdf form that was emailed to you. Please fill it out, sign it and return it to your Perspective Dance Director. One form is required per Dancer.