St. John Greek Dance COVID Protocol and Policy

Upon review of the Metropolis COVID Parish Support Team guidelines and in consultation with our Proistamenos, Rev. Fr. Chris Retelas, the Greek Dance Board has been carefully monitoring the resurgence of the pandemic and its potential impact on our dance program.
While we wish to continue our vital ministry work through dance and want our gathering to be enjoyable and safe for all, it has been agreed upon that the following protocol will be implemented for all directors, dancers and volunteers in the dance ministry program.

  • Personal face coverings will be required during all dance practices, and for all groups.
  • Prior to attending practice, please check your temperature and confirm that you do not have a fever. Do not attend dance practice if you have a fever.
  • Please stay home and do not attend practice if you have recently been diagnosed with, are currently experiencing symptoms of, or have been in close contact with someone who has had COVID-19 in the past 10 days. If the above applies to you, the CDC recommends quarantining. For more information on their recommendations, visit HERE.
  • All attendees must abide by the guidance or requirements of the Federal, State, and Local health authorities, and/or the Parish, and/or the Metropolis.

If you have questions, feel you cannot or should not attend practice, or need assistance, please contact us at

We take the health and welfare of all our parish family very seriously, and are grateful to Fr. Retelas and the Metropolis for their guidance and support. These past 18 months have truly been unprecedented times. Although there still may be challenges ahead of us, we are blessed to be able to move forward with an in-person dance program with your unwavering love and support for the ministry and one another. We feel that by implementing these procedures we are doing our best to create a safe environment conducive to fulfilling the mission of parish ministry.